Prepare to see some changes ’round these parts. Yes, I’ll probably change the way things look, but more importantly I think I’ll be changing the way that I write.

I have to admit, that the writing I do here is not my best. It’s nowhere close to my best. Often, it’s a quick little 10 minutes in the middle of my work day that I just ramble off. Hell, I don’t even spell-check. I realized that while I have really liked some of the aspects of what I’ve been writing, most of it is bad. Bad, bad writing. While I appreciate the potential for this to serve as a record, a kind of journal-y space, it certainly hasn’t been something that I’m proud of, and I doubt things have gotten fairly boring for you, dear readers. Well, consider this a solemn vow. An INTERNET vow, which we all know is super binding.  I’ll try and spend a little more time crafting my posts, try and be a little more witty, and a lot more interesting.

So, stay tuned. Hopefully we have much better things to look forward to together.


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One response to “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. You’re always interesting to me, my friend. Just keep on writing!! Curious to see what is to come….

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