No more Babycenter

I am so much more sane when I don’t read baby/pregnancy websites. Seriously. Every week I get the update on the babe (FETUS! NO MORE EMBRYO! WOOHOOO!) and usually I follow the link to Babycenter’s website. Sure, I like knowing what size the little one is in comparison to a piece of fruit (kumquat!) but the majority of the rest of the site is devoted to stuff that makes me panic. Especially the message boards, where pregnant women go to rile up each other’s crazy bones.

I’ve been feeling really good since the ultrasound (save the fact that I think my lower back/hips are permanently out of joint), and I think a big part of that is having stayed away from that horrible website. I went on this morning because I got my email update, peeked into the message board, and automatically started getting panicky.

While I think it’s nice to have a support system, especially one that’s online, where you know the people are going through the exact same thing as you (if it weren’t for the IF community, I don’t know how I would have made it to here), but, man alive if that just doesn’t start me hyperventilating (and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same held true for most other moms-to-be). So. No more babycenter, other than my fruit updates. It’s a promise(ish…what can I say, sometimes I have to freak myself out…).


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