And my uterus is officially big…

I noticed last night that when I move about, it’s not as easy, because I’ve got this, shall we say “enlarged,” organ nestled in my pelvis. Certain twists and turns rock my world (in the painful way). I’m also experiencing round ligament pain. Who knew?

Things are starting to feel more real, even though I’m, for the most part, feeling less sick. The ultrasound did some good for my sanity and I’m just enjoying being pregnant (at least for now).

I’m starting to feel more NORMAL, too. I had enough energy to actually clean my kitchen and make a cake last night (though, apparently I didn’t have enough energy to frost it like a human. Huge globs of whipped cream count, right?) I also managed to not take my 6 PM nap (though, I did take my 9 PM one).

I’m hoping that my energy can stay up so I can actually start exercising again (Ash and I have been walking a little bit, but I’d like to be swimming and lifting weights. Strengthen this core, you know?) We shall see how the weeks progress.


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