No more freakouts allowed!

Dear Pregnant or pregnant to be readers,

Google is not your friend during pregnancy. You would think I would have learned this lesson long ago, after incorrectly diagnosing myself with a myriad of problems, but no. The problem w/ pregnancy is there are so many crazy things happening inside of you and you don’t know what’s normal and what isn’t.

After starting to really freak out about my combination of symptoms (sharp lower back pain, pain in thighs, shoulder pain) I called my doctor’s office. They wanted me to come in for a scan to make sure I wasn’t having an ectopic pregnancy. I tried to convince myself that it was an unfortunate series of coincidences of symptoms, but when they called to get me in TODAY I started panicking. I broke down in my husband’s office, terrified, because even after I told the nurse that I had already had an ultrasound where they ruled out an ectopic, she said that was so early that it would have been very easy to miss.

So, the husb and I journeyed to AF (by the way, Legacy OBGYN is pretty damn rad!) me carrying a VERY full bladder and a shitload of anxiety. We did the standard ultrasound and baby looks good! A nice strong heartbeat at 173, and measuring right on target. To get a better look at the ovaries and tubes to really rule out an ectopic, I had to meet the old transvag wand again. I actually have no problems w/ transvags…I prefer them to standard ultrasounds because I don’t have to have a full bladder, and what’s the big deal, right? Anyway, things looked good. I had what the tech called a corpus luteum cyst, but she said that was a good thing because it keeps telling my body to make progesterone, but that it could have been a reason for some of my tenderness.

Anyway, panic for no reason. Well, no bad reason. I’m just supposed to take some tylenol, get a heat pad, and take it easy, and call my doctor if it gets worse. Which it won’t. Because I’m not freaking out, anymore…


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