Here come the pain!

The past few days I have been in such a panic because I’ve been feeling really, REALLY good. I’m always convinced that sign x and sign y are manifestations of miscarriage or something else horrific. I wish I could just drop the anxiety and relish in the fact that I am pregnant. I am trying really hard, but it’s so terrifying to think of losing the babe.

Well yesterday, baby gave me some of the confirmation I have been needing. It was a rough one filled w/ mood swings and back pain and pain in my hips and headaches and nausea and tiredness…you name it. If it’s in the pregnancy symptom gamut, I had it yesterday, so I had to take a day off so I wouldn’t explode.

The weirdest pain is in my back/butt. It’s right at the top of my butt, but super deep, then it extends up, and over my hips down the front of my thighs. Apparently, according to the wise, wise internets, it is not sciatica. Regardless, I was having a big strug yesterday.

I’m thinking of sucking it up and buying one of those ridiculous pregnancy pillows. Right now I have a huge nest of regular pillows, but, the ones behind my back won’t stay put, and the ones between my legs and such aren’t quite thick enough (even doubled up). Sleeping on my side is really the only option anymore, since sleeping on the frontside hurts, and sleeping on my back has never been that successful. Any recommendations on those giant pregnancy pillows?

I’m glad to be having some symptoms back. I get so worried, so easily, that I am very grateful to have this until I can hear baby’s heartbeat again/feel her/him moving. Only 3 weeks until my 12 week…


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  1. I have the same horrific pain in my upper butt when I am pregnant too. If you let it keep going… like I do, you will literally have your legs buckle and fall to the floor in the later months. It is not sciatica, but something like pre-sciatica. It is like sciatica just a different nerve. Go to a massage therapist, tell them your woes and let them work the nerve. I am telling you it will be worth it. Plus having your legs give out on you when you are eight months pregnant is pretty much miserable and dangerous. Feel better soon.

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