Methinks I stink.

When my mother-in-law was pregnant she made her husband stop wearing a particular brand of cologne because it made her sick (which the husband now wears, kind of funny, no?). Anyway, I still adore my husband’s cologne smell. However, the perfume I sprayed ALL OVER my sweater this morning, is constantly inducing the ol’ dry-heavers. If you couldn’t see my bra, like majorly, through the shirt I have underneath, I would just take it off. I’m dying here. I guess I’ve learned my first pregnancy lesson, which is, no freaking perfume!
Cravings seem to have subsided, and former favorites are getting put on the shit list thanks to giving me wicked heartburn/acid reflux (I’m sorry, India Palace, I loved you once, I’m sure I’ll love you again). Basically, I’m rocking a real healthy diet of honey-nut cheerios and peanut butter and jelly. I bought a bunch of little bags of carrots and tiny hummus cups, but doesn’t hummus sound like death barf? I don’t think I can stomach it today.
I hit the 8 week mark yesterday. Only 4 more weeks until I see the OB. It’s so weird how time is working. In some ways, I want it to go faster so I can just get Little out safe and sound, but on the other hand, time is flying. I can’t believe I’m at 8 weeks already.
Ok. Time for my mid-morning PB&J.



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2 responses to “Methinks I stink.

  1. alicia

    Oh Errin… if you are like me, you won’t be able to wear perfume (or much of anything scenty) for a while. But, you will again soon. No worries (fingers crossed). Also, I too, couldn’t stand hummus, even though I really wanted to want it, it made me sick. The food yucks will also subside (hope hope hope).
    Pregnancy is so weird.
    I am in the funk of all funks these days. I can’t decide if I’m still depressed about Conan or if I am suicidal. haha. Kidding. Kind of.

  2. don’t be in a funk alicialeecarter (you shall forever be known as alicialee to me. all one word) we are all saddened about conan. be happy joyous! and you know what would make you feel better? hanging out with the julk-peds. seriously. as in, next weekend? Friday night, perhapseth?

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