What I have to look forward to

So, you may or may not know that I have a new niece that I’m slightly obsessed with. She was born at the beginning of December, and is just the sweetest, most adorable baby. Anyway, I love to watch her and hear stories about her, thinking that the little Julk-Ped peanut might be a little similar (since my sister and I are far too similar for that not to be a possibility).  My little sister was telling me of her nursing woes last night, and though I’m sure they are horrible for her (and that I’ve probably cursed myself to a worse fate by laughing) I think they are so funny. In my mind, it’s a tiny little baby playing jokes.

First of all, one of her new favorite things to do is pull almost all the way off when she’s eating, then suck SUPER hard to latch back on, and she’ll do this over and over again, which is apparently driving my sister nuts.

The funnier of her tricks, however, is the following. She will act incredibly hungry and fussy, so my sister will get ready to nurse, Baby Maija will latch on, suck about 7 times, just enough to get the milk really going, then pull off super fast so that milk sprays all over the place and she will just look up at my sister and smile really big. That baby totally knows what she is doing, and she is doing deeds!

I’m ok if I get a little deed-doer (it’s bound to happen, right?) especially if it’s one with a sense of humor that starts out early on.


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