30th December, 2009.

Hi Baby,

Today was so much better than yesterday. Yesterday I was so scared, but today, I feel safe, feel confident, feel like you are really coming. I’ve been feeling pretty sick, and I take that as a good sign. It means you’re growing, so I will take any pain that you bring me, so long as you come safely.

I got results from my HCG test back, 252, more than double in the last 48 hours. Good job, Baby! Keep growing big and strong. I thought I was going to manage to eat really healthily today, but dinner came and all I wanted was macaroni and cheese and a rice krispy treat from noodles. Every day I try to get a little better. If it would stop snowing, I would be at the gym, swimming, but the snow is a nice excuse to sit at home, watching silly tv shows and taking naps that make it hard to sleep at night.

I love you, Baby. Keep growing strong.



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