Sanity showing her beautiful face

I don’t know what’s gotten into me the the past couple of days, but I feel almost, dare I say…NORMAL. I know. Almost too scary to type, for fear that my normalcy is nothing more than a timid pony, ready to jerk back at any thoughts about mentioning her existence in my life.  But, I shall type it, nonetheless.

I was able to semi-ease back in to work, and I’m nearly caught up on being behind from last week. I think I may have a sheen of crazy in my eyes, and it’s keeping people from bugging me too much.

I went to the gym! I kicked my own ass! I’m hoping that I can keep this up for the sake of my sanity.

Planning on spending a good bit of time on the phone w/ the RE’s office today, if I can (insurance, too. What an exciting day). I really am wondering if I should do Clomid one more time before we go in (which means I should have ovulated by that point), or if I should just let my body be (outside of prometrium and the bazillion other pills I have to throw in my pie-hole every morning). I still don’t know if I ovulated last month. The Doctor’s office told me NO, but my prog levels were at 8.2, which should be in the normal range for luteal phase, especially if my levels are super-duper low w/o prometrium. Right? I feel like they should have at least told me if there was any improvement. Maybe I’ll call them today, as well.

Hopefully there will be more going on here now that the crazy has subsided a little bit.


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