I tried it. The rollerskating. I wasn’t half bad. Sure, I was a creeper hanging out w/ a bunch of 12-17 yr. olds (my friends and I happened to show up to a church group’s youth activity night, but they paid our admission for us, so no real loss…) Things I can do: cross-over turns. Things I think I can do, but didn’t dare for the potential of smashing a child: 5 laps in under a minute. Things I am screwed for: jumping over someone. I’ve never been much of a jumper. It’s the girth and the shortness that make me feel like I can’t get off the ground (which I can’t). If I had enough speed, I think I could probably manage, but I want to have on all my safety gear, which I didn’t have last night.
Basically, I think there’s a possibility of starting up a roller-derby team down here (anyone want to come play??) and we’ll just be eternal underdogs.
It’s nice to get my mind off the ever-pressing fertility thoughts, and with my obsessive nature, it’s been a really good shift.
1 more week until the progesterone test.



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3 responses to “RollerSkater

  1. Allison

    I think that I would be too afraid to. I fall walking much less on wheels….

  2. I loved rollerskating as a kid. It’s been ages since I’ve done it. I’m too afraid to fall and break a bone or something. Although, through the years, I have more padding now so the landing might not be too hard!

  3. I love that you went rollerskating. More so because the church youth group was there. Awesome.

    You need to start thinking of your roller derby name.

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