Seven Things

I’ve been a pretty horrible blogger this cycle, which I think has fared well for me. I’m really trying to not “think about it” (which we all know is an impossibility), but this month feels good. Maybe I just feel good since I have a semi-normal amount of progesterone in my body, unlike my normal existence. This is the week when all the magic is supposed to happen, so if you have extra magic, hoodoo, etc., please send it to my womb.

My dearheart, FertilityChick just did some 7 things you don’t know about me post. Hers was “award” related. I don’t believe in blog awards anymore, I decided. But I do feel like a marginally easy content post, so, 7 unknowners for the likes of you:

1. Last Sunday I pierced my tongue. I wanted to be a badass like Drew Barrymore. On day 3 I removed it because of an overwhelming hunger. I am nowhere near as badass as I think I am. I’m now over piercings, but still see numerous tattoos in my future.

2. I have a degree in Philosophy, and am 1 class shy of a degree in English Literature. I have dropped out of Grammar twice now, the one class that keeps me from graduating.

3. I get along with animals much better than I do with people. It’s rare for me to find an animal I don’t like, or at least have pity for, while my default with humans is hate.

4. I’m willing to do just about anything to my hair. Chop it off, dye it platinum or black. I would do more with it, but I’m terrified it’s all going to fall out, thanks to the lovely thinning hair/hair loss PCOS offers me.

5. I used to be the queen of fitness. I could run for hours on end, played soccer, rugby, skiied, longboarded, hiked, played varsity tennis and was on the track team. Then I got lazy, and I lost all my sport-mentum. If I could have one thing back (besides a normal cycle) it would be my ability to run for miles and miles.

6. My ideal job would be professor/farmer. But I think I’d have to do both at the same time to feel fulfilled. And I don’t think that will actually happen. Petting zoo owner would be a close second.

7. I hate pants. Like HATE. I would much rather wear a skirt or dress any day of the week. I think because I’m short and round, pants make me look super-frump, while dresses make me the queen of adorabletown.

So, there you have it. An overwhelmingly exciting glimpse into my deep and darks. You should play, too.



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4 responses to “Seven Things

  1. Love it. Minus #’s 5 & 7 – are you sure we weren’t separated at birth? Or long lost relatives? Seriously?

    I wish I could wear a skirt or a dress and look unbelievably cute. Though I think I resemble the Michelin Man most days anyways.

    Also? Never sporty or in good shape. Pangs of jealousy.

    Love your list – and you!

  2. PS – Going to see “Whip It” tonight! May have pierced tongue by end of the week…or a tattoo at least??

  3. i would be so thrilled if it inspired you to pierce your tongue. i feel silly for being so obsessed with that movie, but i’m doing everything i can (including going to see inglorious basterds, waaaay too violent for my normal viewing, for a trade w/ the husb) to see it again

  4. Kieren

    1- i didn’t know you took the piercing out!!! well, you are STILL derby-girl-badass for getting it in the first place.

    2- your genius intimidates me. seriously. sometimes i just listen to you talk and think “smart. lady. she. smart. lady.”

    3- yoooou. you do love sweet little animals, but with people? you are the biggest secret softy i know. it’s why i love you. (one reason!)

    4- angela chase RED! i’ll go red with you!!

    5- proud to say i knew you in HS, and i wanted to STEAL your sporty chick identity! i so envied your slightly tousled, blonde hair, rosy cheeks, tan skin, effortless “sporty girl” look. no kidding. i wanted your look SO BADLY. couldn’t pull it off.

    6- petting zoo owner? can this be a partnership? um, 3 words- Mystical Mist Miniatures. the most magical shit in the world. (the miniatures, and the web design as well, obviously.)

    7- we are twins. 90’s florals twins. i HAAAAAATE pants. i just realized i own like 100 dresses. and dresses DO make you look like the queen of adorabletown. they make me want to kiss your cheeks. esp with your pixie winona hair. *love*

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