Not a Fertility Post

But, a lady-friendly post.
Dudes? WHIP IT! Saw it with one of my dearhearts last night and couldn’t have been happier. It was so fun to see a movie made by/for women that wasn’t about fashion and romance. (Though the fashion and romance were quite nice. I am VERY VERY seriously considering piercing my tongue, thank you very much Ms. Drew Barrymore…she is the cutest thing ever, right?) Anyway, it’s so good! And so funny!
I am pretty inspired to join a roller derby team. I have had the inclination before, but always felt a little too…boring. But after last night, I was so excited, I couldn’t stop running around the house, jumping up and down and air punching. There are no teams in my local area (maybe I should start a league!) so, I may wait until we move to an area that has one, but I’ve been searching for skates and pads all day.
I played rugby for a bit about 5 years ago and LOVED it. There’s something so invigorating playing a sport that is so hardcore. I loved the feeling afterward, like being in a carwreck of people. I loved the bruises. I loved the soreness. But, beyond the wicked knee injury I scored, I was always turned off by the fact that it was kind of manly (it didn’t help that we had to use the last year’s men’s jerseys). But roller derby is about being a badass AND being girly. Honestly, I don’t think there is an activity on this planet more suited to my personality. Plus, I have a wicked low center of gravity that can only help, right?
Anyway. Whip It! See it. You will love it.
***I should note that in addition to just being incredibly fun, this movie has like a bazillion of my girl crushes in it, including: Drew Barrymore (who can do no wrong in my eyes), Zoe Bell (did you SEE DEATHPROOF? She is A.MAZ.ING.), Ellen Page, and Alia Shawkat. It’s rad lady times from beginning to end. Jeez. Talk about a glowing review…



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3 responses to “Not a Fertility Post

  1. Kieren

    do it! the tongue piercing! i would, if i wasn’t such a wuss. and, i say, go for being a derby girl. you’re a badass on rollerblades, i’ve seen it! i can’t skate, but i could be your mascot? i love love loved this movie, and i love love love you!

  2. I loved it too. want to go to the skating rink very soon?

  3. also, congratulations on the tongue piercing. I’ll see you in class……i’ll try to dress up as a derby girl.

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