No News = Bad News

I’ve been incommunicado for awhile, right? I decided against posting this past little bit, because I tend to obsess and make myself crazy, so not thinking/talking about it was a little bit of sane making.

But, I just got my progesterone test results back, and 100 mg equals no ovulation. Bastards. (Though, I think I may have ovulated late, so I’ll be waiting until I start the provera back up).  But I guess I’m on to progesterone supplements in conjunction with the Clomid, so I guess some bitchery may be in the near future.

I’ve been kicking major ass w/ my low carbiness, and am down 5 lbs from the last time I was at the gym. I’m hoping I can stick w/ this and get my weight down, too, to help w/ IR. This is the first time I have been able to do low carb and met at the same time (I normally bail on one or the other) so I’m really hoping for positive results here. I definitely feel better, and seeing actual results really motivates me, so I think I can keep it up.

Anyone of you PCOSers do progesterone AND clomid? Is it gonna make me crazy as a mofo? Just want fair warning…



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2 responses to “No News = Bad News

  1. I nominated you for an award on my blog. I’m not much help with your question. However, when I was on progesterone suppositories they made me hormonal and a bit nutty.

  2. Hello my friend! Not sure if I can answer your question either. I’ve done the progesterone suppositories – but only while on my 2ww. Will you be on progesterone the entire time? I’m a bit confused (nothing new there).

    You are kickin’ ass and taking names with the low carbiness and exercise!! 5 lbs. is amazing!!!! Excellent work!!

    Glad to see a new blog post – though totally understand the need to escape for a while. Sorry about the no ovulation news – but maybe late ovulation did occur! Will keep my fingers crossed.

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