I love google analytics

And I would like to welcome you, friend, who got here by searching “wife breed stirrups baby head -horse”. I don’t want to know what the situation was that brought you to that particular search (who am  I kidding? yes I DO!) but I’m glad you’re here, and I hope I can offer you some information regarding your googling:

First of all, are you married to a horse? If so, that may be part of your problem, especially since you don’t know her breed, and also because she’s not a human being. If your wife is not a horse, does your baby have the head of a horse? Again, problematic. I would consider maybe looking in to what kind of DNA is being passed on from either you or your wife. You may want to consider looking in to some other options. Do you have a horse with a baby head? Because that shi would be CUTE! You should exploit the hell out of that freakiness.



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2 responses to “I love google analytics

  1. Kieren

    i need to know more about this person’s situation. my imagination is on fire with so many fantastical possibilities. also, i’m curious as to how “stirrups” fits into the equation. “wife breed baby head horse,” sure, no problem there, but “stirrups?” wha?

  2. frenchettia payne. that is what direceted one reader to my blog today. I have also had someone google your full name and be directed to my blog. oh the mystery of internet traffic.

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