Eff it all

This morning: BFN. It is a little early to test, but with the spotting, I thought I should test. Called the doctor, and am to start taking Clomid again TODAY. So, that will be really awesome, what with the tears and all. Damnit. Question, though–if I am pregnant, will clomid screw things up? I’m a little scared of that, but am taking doctor’s orders on the clomid and such. Anyway. Nice way to start a weekend, no?



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3 responses to “Eff it all

  1. Can you POAS before popping the evil Clomid? Just to put any fears at rest? Because, yeah, I don’t think C. and pregnancy mix.

    I’m sorry you’re facing this. The disappointment, esp when hope reared its confounded head, is the worst.

  2. @shinejil POAS this morn = BFN. Will probs do it again tomorrow because I’m neurotic. I’m not starting until tomorrow, because I told my doctor the wrong date of my spotting anyway, so fingers crossed for the morning…

  3. Being a fellow neurotic, I’d probably POAS again too before starting the Clomid — just in case. I don’t think clomid and pregnancy mix either. Dr. won’t have you do a blood test just to be sure??

    Keep me posted — thinking about you!!!!

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