Maybe next time, Italy…

We were just presented with the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Italy over the summer. We’d spend the time screening a film that the husb has been helping with for the past couple of years. We had to say no.

It breaks my heart that we can’t go, but the cost is just too much.  The thing is, we could probably afford to go, BUT, we have to plan to use our money for things like IVF or adoption, or *fingers crossed* diapers and cribs and bottles. If the latter were true, I would be ecstatic, but I feel like we have to prepare ourselves for the worst.

So, we will forgo the dream vacation to Italy, in hopes of a bambino of our own.

In other news, temps still up, spotting came back for a little bit yesterday, but, nothing since yesterday afternoon. Keep making baby wishes for me! Will test (a little early) on Saturday.

Completely unrelated: Beatles Rockband for Xbox 360 kicks major amounts of ass. You should come over and play sometime.



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5 responses to “Maybe next time, Italy…

  1. Ohhhhhhh saying no to Italy that would have been hard!!!

    Keeping everything crossed for you….I think the spotting is good news…I’m praying it’s good news!!


  2. My fingers are crossed too!! A hard decision to make for sure — but I hope that good things here make it a little easier!

    PS – Would LOVE to play Beatles Rockband – I wish I could come over to play it!

  3. @rach it WAS hard. but the one we needed to make. Maybe jeebus will see my sacrifices THIS time and put a baby in my belly…

  4. @fertilitychick i wish you could come over and play too! I was screeching so loud last night I’m pretty sure my students thought I was being slowly and painfully murdered.

  5. Low Fat Lady

    That sucks that you had to say no to the trip. Italy is a great place – I was born there – but no I’m not italian. Just had parents in the military. My fingers are crossed for you!!

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