Thanks, Insurance…

For absolutely nothing.

Sure, I COULD go to the University hospital, to their special facility for reproductive endocrinology, and see the same provider there, that I would see down here, but you don’t have a contract with them. And you can’t tell me which doctors DO have contracts, because you have names, and not clinics, so I can call you back 10 different times, with ten different “No”s or I can plug it in to your handy online tool which is apparently only good for finding hobo clinics where the phone line has been disconnected. You are so helpful.

I finally found a doctor who works at the U clinic who also works down in my neck of the woods at the big hospital down here, and he’s the one I planned on seeing initially (it’s just an hour of my time on the phone with doctor’s offices and insurance reps, but who cares, right?) except he only comes down here (the only time my insurance will pay for me to see him) like once a month. Which means I can’t see him initially until November 20. What an effing party.

So, I guess I’ll go back to plan A(ish) and do another round of unmonitored Clomid (bite me) at a higher dosage (DEAR GOD, SAVE US ALL!) and then I would be ending that cycle right at the time I would be meeting with him. Unless I can figure something else out. Or, unless, God willing, there’s a little foetus taking up residence in the womb as we speak. (2 week wait starts tomorrow…)



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2 responses to “Thanks, Insurance…

  1. Low Fat Lady

    Ugh. Insurance companies are so annoying. I’m sorry you are having all of these issues.

  2. There are a multitude of swears that I would like to share with you regarding the insurance company. I will spare you – but wonder why insurance cos. can be such douchebags!? 😦

    But my fingers are crossed that none of this will matter anyways and you’ll have a (happy!) direction in the next couple of weeks.

    Thinking about you!!!

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