I hate you so much, OPK.

You know that feeling when you get a BFN? I’m pretty sure that OPKs were invented to give you that feeling, morning after morning. That damned pink line just won’t get any darker! I’m on day 16, so, I really shouldn’t worry so much, but I’m past the mid-way point for potential ovulation, and I’m getting a little panicky.

It doesn’t help that I bought the super-extra-large pack of OPKs, thinking that if it didn’t work this month, I could use them next month. Except, I failed to realize that apparently these particular tests (which were freaking expensive!) are apparently much like yogurt, or milk, or other expiration date having products. I guess that once opened, I have 30 days to use ALL of them, or they won’t work anymore. Bastards! So, I’ve been peeing on them twice a day,  because at this point, why the hell not?

Also, remember that I bought that fertiliscope? (That’s what I call it anyway) That thing where you spit on it and it measures estrogen and you’re supposed to see “ferning patterns”? It was a piece of crap. Doesn’t work at all. It could be user error, but, I’m following the directions as accurately as I can.

So, basically, I’m driving myself crazy trying to figure out my O date. (Which is why I don’t temp chart anymore). Maybe I should seek out a witch doctor or something (don’t think this hasn’t crossed my mind, many times, or that I don’t where I can find one, because I know of at least one I could find).

Thinking of calling an RE today, seeing if I can get in w/o  a referral from my GP (who’s out on maternity leave. Lovely.) because I don’t want to have to start this process again next month with a stranger (The OBGYN at my clinic), only to have to start again w/ an RE the following month. Seems like explaining my medical history one too many times, and, I feel like the other doctor at my clinic won’t monitor me as closely as I’d like.

I don’t really know what REs do. I mean, I have an idea, but, I’ve never seen a specialist of any kind, so I’m kind of freaked out. Plus, I’ve never gone to a man doctor before (as an adult, anyway) and don’t know how comfortable I will feel. I’ll update when I know more…



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2 responses to “I hate you so much, OPK.

  1. Low Fat Lady

    I would really see if you can get in with your RE soon. I don’t have to deal with opk monitors or anything. This way costs more as in I have to go in for more ultrasounds and blood work, but they tell me when I am going to ovulate and then I will take a trigger shot when it’s time to let the follicles go to be fertilized.

  2. I agree, it’s worth seeing an RE. You’ll probably be monitored more closely (bonus), plus they are supposedly “the” specialists to see with PCOS, etc.

    Those OPK’s sound like a pain in the ass. I start mine Thursday …so I’ll be emailing with questions! We should start an OPK group wherein more than one pair of eyes tries to determine if the blasted second line is the same as or darker than the first. Bloody hell. The things we do!

    Sorry that the fertiliscope is a no go – it sounds rather cool and advanced though – so I’m still impressed!!

    All that being said, maybe after this round of clomid you won’t even have to worry about seeing an RE. I am playing the role of ‘eternal optimist’ – and sending all my good ju ju your way!! 🙂

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