The Clomid Crazies Strike!

Right on time, in fact!  Todays bouts of weepiness have been brought on by the following:

1) The problem of evil: Why do bad things happen to good people? and the inverse, as well?

2) Feeling like we will never be able to get pregnant.

3) The idea of other people getting pregnant

4) The thought of me making my husband late to work

5) Smudging my lipstick and feeling like an ugly horse

6) Recapping all of this.

Yeah. I’m really looking forward to all the weepy banging in my future. Nothing makes a gal feel like doing it like streaming tears and an overall feeling of hell. Thanks, Clomid. You’re effing great. (You’d better make me ovulate so hard, or so help me God…)



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6 responses to “The Clomid Crazies Strike!

  1. I’m sorry that the Clomid crazies have struck with avengence. BIG SAD FACE

    I’ve been feeling #’s 2 & 3 big time over the past couple of days – and not really sure what’s triggering it.

    #5 reminds me that I haven’t even put lipstick on in, um, eons, so the ugly horse reference is mine not yours thank you very much! 😉

    #1 – wow…I guess the answer, “fucked if I know” really won’t be satisfactory will it?

    Know that I’m thinking about you, my friend, and I hope the day gets better. Am sending all my best and most wicked awesome ovulatory thoughts at your Clomid to make all this worth the efforts!

    Hang in there and keep in touch!!!!

  2. Meg

    Let’s get your mind off of things for at least a few hours. Even though school is just starting and we will both be pretty busy, we should find time to get together and have a lady vegan date. We can go out to lunch, my treat. Or we can bake vegan cookies, treats for everyone. Basically, let’s just make sure the word “treat” is used several times in our future lady date. Maybe we can buy some Treet Meat at the dollar store and cook it with an iron.

  3. Low Fat Lady

    *hugs* The weepiness sucks. I’m feeling it right now because of my period. You can do this though – you only have to be on clomid for five days and hopefully it will bring you a wonderful present in the end.


    OUCH! The Clomid Crazies are NO fun! I hope Clomid does it’s job and you don’t have to seek revenge.

    Sending you lots of good JUJU for your cycle.

  5. So sorry for your weepiness! I hate feeling like a complete basket case. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for some seriously hardcore ovulation.


  6. kieren

    😦 i’m sorry sweet girl. is there something i can do? let’s go to the movies! i’ll treat you like a lady. the lady that you deserve to be treated like!

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