The History

I’ve been a little hesitant to write “the history” of our struggle w/ infertility because it makes me deal w/ issues I’m not quite keen on dealing with, especially when I’m all hormonal, but I figured I needed to buck up and just do it.

My Husby and I have been together for 4 1/2 years, married for almost 4 (Yes, we got married pretty quickly. But when you know, you know.) We’ve been trying to have a baby for the past 3 1/2 years, with (obviously) no success.

We spent the first year of being together actively keeping babies away. I was on that deathly BCP, so I wasn’t realizing there was anything wrong with my cycles (sure, I was horribly depressed, but boy, were my periods regular!). About a year in, we decided we weren’t going to “Stop” anything from happening, and then AF disappeared.

I did the standard. I convinced myself I was pregnant on long cycles, etc. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, or how related it was to us not getting pregnant.  About 3 years ago, we figured out the PCOS thing (though I wouldn’t have it confirmed by a doctor for another 6 months.)

So yeah, PCOS, IR. I’ve done progesterone, estrogen, and Clomid. I do about 2000 mg of Metformin every day. I also have hypothyroidism, which ain’t helping things.

I’ve miscarried twice. I don’t talk to people about it, and to this point, very few people know/knew about it. Both times I didn’t know I was pregnant until after the fact. (Which I think helps in dealing with it MUCH more tolerable.) We weren’t very far along (it’s especially hard to judge given my LOOOOOOONG cycles.) Once 2 years ago, and once a year ago. Maybe I’ll write about them another time, but this is as much as I want to divulge for now.

Hopefully that gives you a glimpse into my IF world. I’m really into naturopathy, I’m vegan (for the most part…I occasionally have seafood or allow for a little egg in other people’s baked goods. I am trying to stay completely away from dairy, however), and am in love with The Infertility Cure. I’ve been doing acupressure and take a crapload of herbs.

So…thanks for reading, and for your comments. This community does quite a bit in providing support for something that is very difficult to talk about.



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6 responses to “The History

  1. {{{HUGS}}} You have been through a lot and you know what, if you don’t want to talk about it, then don’t. If you find it eases things up for you, then by all means, talk. Different people handle things differently. You have to do what is right for you, just remember that.

    My best friend has a lot of the same issues that you do. She has two girls (from a previous relationship) and now that she’s married, she and her husband want a baby together – she just can’t seem to get pregnant.

    Now that I’m done with my infertility/TTC roller coaster, I can do nothing but support and cheer everyone on. So I’m standing here with my pom poms!! 😀 Go Eggs Meet Sperm Make a Baby Go GO GO!

    As for Top Chef, I’m not sure who I like yet either. I think I’ll probably decide once the 2nd show airs. I almost missed the first one!! It’s a good thing they play re-runs! LOL… I would say “Go Women’s Team” but they all seem a little weaker then the guys – other then that really cocky one (who won the quick fire) … and I don’t think I like her. I’m thinking, based on the first show, that one of the guys will probably win – but like I said – I’ll probably get a better feeling this next show.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a note 🙂

  2. Kate

    Thanks for the update on your life for ICLW. I’m a fellow PCOSer whose also had two miscarriages. It’s not easy to be in this journey but at least we know we’re not alone. Don’t know how much that helps you but it helps me to know I’m not insane for how I feel.

  3. Thanks for sharing your history. You have been through so much and I am sure it is hard to put that out in the open. I hope this clomid cycle works out for you.


  4. So sorry for your losses. I’m vegetarian, but I could never do without cheese and egg.

  5. That is a lot to go through. I hope they can find a solution for you and some day you get to carry a pregnancy to term. Good luck.


  6. I also have PCOS and some other problems. Its a verry tough journey by far. Thanks for sharing

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