Clomid Diary. Take Two. Day One

I just took my Clomid. 50 mg of Clomiphene Citrate for the next 5 days. I’m usually not too much of a beast while I’m actually ON Clomid, so I’m looking forward to a couple of days of non hormonal hell.

Yesterday I took a group of students that I work with to a couple of retirement centers to put on skits, and I had such a hard time being there, because I am always reminded how little I do for other people, and then on top of that even if I were doing more service, I would still feel like I wasn’t doing enough. I was so grateful the Clomid weepies hadn’t hit, yet, or I would have been an absolute mess.

In a move that indicates the fact that I probably should have had another tattoo done, (when I’m feeling stressed or crazy or sad, tattoos really help me, for some reason) I chopped my hair again. And dyed it, from dark blonde to dark brunette. Apparently I need a little change in my life. I like it. I look like a lady. And kind of like a vampire.



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8 responses to “Clomid Diary. Take Two. Day One

  1. oOoOo the hair change sounds sexyyyyy! Nothing like a bit of a change to make you feel vav va voom about yourself!

    I totally get the comment about the tatt. I’ve only got one but I’ve been wanting my second for awhile now, one day!


  2. Change is good! I want to see pictures of the new hair! Coincidentally, I’m getting mine done tomorrow – maybe I’ll be hit with inspiration!!

    I hope the Clomid journey isn’t too bad — hang in there — and vent it out on here whenever!

    And for the record, I think you do quite a lot — and think it’s very nice what you did yesterday!

  3. @rach what’s your tattoo? i am READY for another, and always ready to talk tatties.

    @fertilitychick i like that i’m so damn tired right now that it took me a good five minutes of staring blankly at my screen to think of the “good thing” i did yesterday. my hell. i’ll send you hair pics tomorry. i’m really liking it. excited to see yours, too!

  4. Yes I want to see hair pics too!!!

    My tatt is a personal one, it’s on my inner right forearm and it’s of a Daffodil (google Cancer Council Australia and is the daffodil they use) with the word Dad underneath. It’s not fancy but it means so much to me. I got it done a week after my Dad passed over last year.


  5. Hey there, you don’t know me but I am interested in reading your clomid journey if you don’t mind. Am on day 12 having taken Clomid on days 2 – 6.

    Have just noticed it’s international comment leaving week also, which is nice …

  6. Kate

    Good luck with Clomid, I hope it works out for you this cycle!


  7. @donna thanks for reading, i tried to comment on your blog but it wouldn’t let me 😦 you are right at the point where i go crazy, so good luck!

  8. @kate thanks for the support!

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