Mixing rage with work…

I’m taking a break from what has been one of the longest work days of my life. I’m so, so tired. But mostly I’m angry. Angry because my hormones are all kinds of effed up, but mostly angry because this has been a long, crappy day, for anyone, even without the lovely side effects of synthetic hormones.

So the question is this: how much do I let workfolk in on the reason for my rage? Do I say, “Please pardon my rage, I’m taking crazy pills because I can’t seem to get a baby to stick in belly,” or “LEAVE ME THE EFF ALONE AND I DON’T HAVE TO TELL YOU WHY!”? I’m sure there is some sort of middle ground…

But seriously, how much do you divulge? I am pretty close with a lot of my co-workers, and they know we’re struggling, but sometimes I feel like once I let people know, I get more offended by their actions. Do I let them in on the details? What do you do?



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5 responses to “Mixing rage with work…

  1. I’ve told two people at work. One is a girl who is pretty sympathetic and understanding and I know she won’t tell anyone. The other is the guy I share my office with. I just told him today because I wanted his advice on what to tell my boss (who is not kid-friendly at all). Turns out, he and his wife used the same doctor I’m going to to get their two children! So he knows exactly what I’m going through.

    If there is anyone there that you trust, I would say tell them, but only if you know they can keep it a secret. I’ve found that you come to learn who you can tell and who you can’t. I still have some friends that I haven’t told because I know what their reaction will be.

  2. I’ve told a few people at work. However, one thing I can’t stand is they keep asking me about it, thinking that it’s a quick procedure. I think it’s bc they don’t fully understand the process. And I don’t feel like going in to details with them.

    If you have someone that you are close with at work that you can TRUST, then I think you should share with them.

    Good luck!

  3. Oh wow. I’m sorry it’s been such a crap-tastic day. Long work days suck to begin with – but mix in some IF drugs and hell, that’s a cocktail for disaster!!

    For me personally, I say very little to my work colleagues within my actual office – though I have other colleagues in different offices whom I have confided in. My one colleague at work does know about our struggles with IF – but he doesn’t know that we’re actually trying to do something about it.

    In part it’s the fear of this news potentially getting out to a wider audience (you know what I’m talking about!) – and part of it’s just me being my usual stubborn self of wanting to deal with it all by myself thank you very much!

    It can be a hard call. You said you were close to your co-workers – if you weren’t then I’d probably advise against it! I don’t know if I’d want all of them to know – but is there one or two that you’d be comfortable confiding in?

    And to play devil’s advocate- if you did – would that help you in any way? Or do other friends/family provide a helpful outlet that is enough?

    Dammit, I’m not helpful at all am I? I’m a Libra so I suck big time at decisions. In the end, do what you feel is right for you – but only what is right for you.

    Hope that you can relax a bit tonight and let the evils of the day slip away!!! And know you can always vent here 🙂

  4. The answer is simple.

    You tell me everything.

    And tell everyone else nothing!


    No really. You know that I am the open book type. But the balance is hard to find.

    Sorry about the hormones, babe. See you in a few weeks.

  5. I eventually had to tell both of my bosses, because I was crazy after an ectopic and worried I might be discovered writhing in a pool of my own blood. Not good.

    Could you say you’re having some non-life threatening health issues that are putting you under physical and emotional strain? If anyone asks or makes a comment about your mood.

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