Not exactly IF related

But, I needed at least SOME good news w/ my body, so I was thrilled with my clean bill of dental health. No cavities! Now if only I can get my ovaries to cooperate similarly.

The Provera is still making me want to eat everything in sight (especially if what I’m seeing is cocoa krispies. Last night I decided to use chocolate soymilk w/ them. No, I’m not excessive!), and commit acts of violence. The weepiness has left, (and I think I’m storing all of my tears elsewhere in my body, since I’m so bloaty swollen) and only 5 more days to go until I get to start waiting for Auntie to show. It will only be like cd 54 or something, so, no big…GAH!



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2 responses to “Not exactly IF related

  1. Yay to a good dental check-up! I actually really love going to the dentist – minus the scrapey thing when they scale your teeth (gah!). Good dental health is a good thing! I should be Colgate’s new spokeswoman! In truth, I think I like the dentist b/c I like the free stuff at the end (toothbrush, floss, toothpaste sample) …I’m easy to please, just give me free stuff!

    Shaking my fist at the Provera for you. But just, think, bowls of cocoa krispies HAS to be better than eating like five chocolate bars right? And soymilk is good for you! You’re satisfying your cravings in a good way. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Hang in there! And here’s to creating some exercise accountability!! I so need an accountabilibuddy!!

  2. I swear, Clomid (for me) was not as bad as the fake progesterone in terms of crazy-making. But these things are very individual and you never know what thrills await with each new and exciting cycle!


    Good for you for seeing the bright side. I had major dental catastrophes while cycling, so I really had it coming and going. So to speak.

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