Does Provera

make you want to eat the entire world? Or at least an earth-sized bowl of cocoa-krispies? because that’s my life. Fortunately I ran out of soy milk, keeping me from eating 9 bowls for breakfast. Instead? Fresca and bunny graham crackers.

Also. Does Provera make you, like, SO DAMN TIRED? I fell asleep at 930 last night, sans Ambien, and slept through the night.



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2 responses to “Does Provera

  1. Yes.

    Progesterone also makes me deeply blue. Which further encourages the eating/sleeping.

  2. eff provera. seriously. i can’t get enough sleep/food. and i haven’t been as sad (w/ the exception of this weekend) but mostly RAGING. looking forward to doing this hormonal eff-fest when i start clomid, too.

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