The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis

The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis

Like, yesterday. Seriously.  It showed up on my Amazon recommends list, and I thought, “what the hell, I haven’t spent enough money on books this week.” (Untrue. It’s kind of an obsession. Stupid internet fueling my book buying.) Anywho, it arrived in the mail yesterday, and I couldn’t put it down.

It’s written by a TCM doctor (who has studied Western medicine as well) who struggled with infertility issues, herself, so beyond being super informative (way more than Tao of Fertility, which I thought was a total godsend) she is incredibly relatable.

I’d love to talk to any of you who have read it, and see what you think. I’m seriously SO into this!



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7 responses to “BUY. THIS. BOOK.

  1. I’ve read it and it’s a great way to understand how TCM approaches infertility issues. TCM really helped me, I feel, both in stabilizing and improving my cycles and in boosting my treatment cycles. I’ve had acupuncture stop a period, lead to instant full-body relaxation, and do all sorts of other crazy stuff that sounds impossible.

    The only thing that ever bothered me about that book–the title–was not Lewis’ call; it was her publishers. Oh, and the do it yourself approach to herbs… that is somewhat disturbing. Some of these herbs are extremely powerful and you really need to be followed by an experienced practitioner.

    I’m so glad you’re into it and that it’s giving you good info.

  2. @shinejil I think the only reason I’m not perturbed by the explanation of the herbs is the fact that Tao of Fertility gave me absolutely NOTHING to work with there, and I can see why it is dangerous (esp. given my own desire to try and do things myself). I liked reading how they certain herbs would be good w/ someone w/ one problem and not another, and how even w/in the areas of deficiency one herb might not do exactly what you would want it to.

    The thing I liked the most about this book is the fact that it explains how acupuncture works in a very Western med. friendly way (at least I think so), which made it easier for me to explain why I think it’s important to people who won’t see TCM as a way of treatment.

    I think I got hooked almost solely by the introduction. She was saying things that I have been trying so hard to put into words, and she did it so simply and clearly. I was looking at her website, and became a little upset, though I can’t pinpoint why.

    And I’m w/ you on the title. WTF?

  3. thanks for the heads up on both books. I’ve ordered both from the Library to read.

  4. @trying of course! now i’m on to find a tcm practitioner who focuses on fertility. my last acupuncturist wanted me to come every single day, which is pretty hard considering the fact that i’m trying to you know, keep my job…

  5. Must. Get. Book. Now.

    Stupid work preventing important things like this!

    Can’t wait to read it.

  6. Kate

    Have you read “Taking Charge Of Your Fertility” That was a life saver. I didn’t get pregnant from it but learned I had me some major issues!!!

  7. @kate yeah, i read it. i think it helped w/ some issues, but for the most part, i already knew what was going on (had been bbting for awhile, checking for ewcm, etc.) but i think it’s a must read for people who are just starting to try. It can probably save some major heartache if people know when to do it…

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