From the mouths of dudes…

This was me over the weekend

This was me over the weekend

First of all, thank you all for the kind and supportive words this weekend. It was definitely a rough one, but I seem to be on my way out of the hellishness.

Now, as a preface, my husband is incredibly supportive, and very tender-hearted, but sometimes dudes say things that are a little, shall we say, dumb. At the high point of my wailing and gnashing of teeth on Saturday, the dearling asked, “how much of this do you think is the Clomid?” I think Satan  himself emerged from some dark hole in the depths of my soul to shriek “I HAVEN’T STARTED THE CLOMID!” Poor guy. He just knows that I get super crazy when I’m on it, and of course, dudes don’t really get when in the cycle which pill gets taken, and when that induces the craziness (I tend to get far crazier AFTER the Clomid, rather than while I’m on it). Looking back, I think  this is kind of hilarious, but during the meltdown, it was a little rough.

CD 39, started the Provera yesterday. Let’s see when Auntie friend shows up.



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5 responses to “From the mouths of dudes…

  1. First, that picture frightens the hell out of me — only because I thought I was looking at myself over the last few days!! Oh the face of a meltdown! Awesome.

    Husbands, men, for all their trying, do say the wrong thing…mine puts his foot in his mouth so often…well, we won’t even go there!

    Glad that you’re feeling a bit better…and know I’m here to help you through the Clomid crazies!

    Here’s to Provera and AF…oh joy, oh bliss!

  2. Ha! You know what, though: I bet a few more little, uh, corrections from you, and he’ll start picking up on this cycling shit pretty damn quick. If only as a defensive measure.

    Once I got into treatment, I had to keep my guy posted daily. It was my only excuse for my psychotic behavior, and I believe I was scaring him.

    May AF bring hormonal relief and estrogeny goodness (I’m always so much more upbeat when the estrogen’s a-flowing…).

  3. @shinejil he’s usually pretty good, i just like to think that he doesn’t believe his wife is a crazy raging bitch all the time, so there must be some chemical reason for it!

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