Boo. And Hiss. And tears.

For all the praising I did of the infertility coverage in my insurance plan, strike it, and reverse it.

I’m so pissed right now, I’m in tears (related: I really hate that I can’t get mad w/o crying. Just got off the phone w/ the insurance agency to clarify what they meant by “primary infertility coverage.”

Apparently, they mean nothing. I guess it will cover up to 50 percent of DIAGNOSTICS (100, thanks to double-insurance, small woot!). That’s it. I tried to explain to the lady on the phone that I KNOW what’s wrong with me, I can’t get pregnant! What I want is TREATMENT! So yeah, no coverage. All out of pocket. Now say extra-strong prayers that we’re pregnant on this cycle.

I know that most women do infertility treatments w/o the benefit of insurance paying for it, but I was under the impression with a section on my insurance plan called “INFERTILITY BENEFITS” that there would actually be some, you know, infertility benefits.

GAH! This is absolutely ridiculous. Real pleasant way to end a work day.



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7 responses to “Boo. And Hiss. And tears.

  1. Jill Fellow

    I wish I hadn”t need right about this. This sucks.

  2. Well crap. I swear to all things holy insurance companies come up with wording and suggestive “coverage” just to screw with us.

    I’m sorry that the coverage is nil. Vent away all you want – it completely sucks and is totally unfair. I live for the day that all IF girls (and guys too!) can have some kind of ‘equality of coverage.’

    Rant away on this one – I’m totally with you. If you want someone to egg the insurance co. building, you know where to find me!

    All things crossed that this won’t matter anyways!!!

  3. My insurance covers Diagnostic coverage only. HOWEVER, I found out that they will cover all the pre-IVF testing (bloodwork, HSG, Mock transfer – when I called and asked them about the Mock transfer, they said they didn’t cover it, but the dr.’s office said they do because they bill it a certain way and there’s a more ‘scientific’ term for it – but it’s essentially the same thing, etc. But once I actually start the IVF, then they won’t cover anything.

    Dealing with insurance companies is not fun at all. Saying extra prayers for you!

  4. Low Fat Lady

    That totally sucks. I’m sorry. I would definitely follow some of the above advice to see if you can get some of it covered. I hope your able to find a way to make it all work out.

  5. thanks for all spirit boosting. I needed it, big time. Maybe I can get my RE to do some magic coding for me.

  6. I have just read your last three posts. I think you deserve to throw yourself a pity party. You have been through more than your fair share in life, even before infertility, and I agree you do deserve some slack. Don’t you wish pity parties were actually parties where we decorated and ate cake and gave you presents. I want so much for you to find happiness….ugg.

    Related to this post. I would look into how your DR’s office codes things as well. Some of my treatment and medication was covered because the OB was able to code it as just treatment for PCOS even though it had fertility effects.

  7. @crystal. thanks. i agree. i’m feeling much better now. getting magic coding is a good idea, i’ll make sure that’s what happens (as much as i can, anyway)!

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