Uhoh. Here come the crazies…

Went in for my annual “Well Woman” exam yesterday (that’s code for pap smear, folks).  I still haven’t been to an RE, and talked to my GP about it yesterday. She wants me to do 2 months of Clomid w/ her, 1 month at 50 (which made me crazy, but did NOT make me O) and 1 month at 100 mg. I’m really hoping that the 50 works,  and that this cycle can be THE cycle.

If I do end up at the RE, she says we’ll likely move quickly to IUI, rather than trigger shots combined w/ your standard wonkytonkying, since looking at the SA yesterday (the first time she had, last time some mean-ass dude doctor looked at it) and confirmed that we are in the “sub-fertile” category there.

I also learned that Ambien is a-ok in pregnancy, so she prescribed me some of that, too. Maybe some sleep, finally!

So, if Auntie doesn’t come to visit this weekend, it’s a bit of Provera (yuck) and then on to the Clomid. (Don’t think I won’t be testing this weekend, first. Keep your fingers crossed/prayers prayed for pre-Clomid babies!)



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3 responses to “Uhoh. Here come the crazies…

  1. Oh the annual Pap, I say “fun!” and mean it with all the sarcasm I can muster!

    But seriously, fingers crossed for you that either there’s no need for the Provera (and no AF for that matter!) this cycle, or that the 50 mg of Clomid is the ticket!!

    My fingers are crossed, I’m saying prayers, and sending you all the baby ju-ju I can manage!!!

  2. Fingers firmly locked in crossed position!

    And, gratuitously, I must say: I hate Clomid with a passion. But I hope it’s all you need.

  3. @fertilitychick and @shinejil thanks for all the well wishings. i’m testing in the morning. it’s been over 2 weeks since my supposed ovulation, but we’ll see. i would certainly love to not have to do clomid again. let’s hope the swimmers swim strong!

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