Amazing news…

Not THAT amazing, but pretty stinking good.

I’ve been lucky enough to be employed by the state for the past two years. Which basically means my benefits are little kisses from the baby Jesus–amazing.  I mean, I bitch and moan about my job from time to time, but when it comes down to it, I’m pretty lucky. Well, things in my world just got luckier.

My husband is now also employed full-time by the state, which means, double amazing benefits.  We are also really fortunate in that the insurance company we go through pays a yearly amount toward infertility treatments, and will pay toward adoption. This was amazing from the beginning, considering how rare it is that either of these things are covered, (I guess living in a red-state, keen on “family” values does  have its bonuses…) but now–DOUBLE. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel, how many tears I have shed this afternoon.  The financial aspect of all of this has really been overwhelming me lately, and this was the best possible news (outside of actually being pregnant) that we could hope for.

A pretty good pick-me-up for an otherwise sweaty Wednesday.



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6 responses to “Amazing news…

  1. Kieren Larson

    this news made my day. my month! i know you already know this, but i actually got really choked up when i heard this news. if only because, selfishly, i want your babies to eventually breed with MY babies, to create the perfect human being.

  2. i want our babies to breed NOW! and be little sweetheart social misfits who drink a lot.

  3. Samantha McMillion

    I loved your postivie attitude in your post. Best of luck to you. I have adopted 4 and it really is an exciting time.

  4. @samantha thanks. it’s definitely something we’re looking at, though probably not for another year or so.

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