Life is good.

I needed a break. I needed a break, badly. And what a break I got. My head and heart have been filled with the dank darkness that December/January/February tend to bring, and I didn’t think I would be able to get out of that funk. Well, enter Palm Springs.
I finally feel like myself again. I need to schedule this trip a little earlier next year (or maybe schedule multiple warm-weather get-aways for 09/10), because it has done wonders for me.
After a long drive on Friday, we finally made it to the luxurious Caliente Tropics hotel. Let’s just say they had a framed story of the hotel on the bathroom wall, and it highlighted the fact that for basically the past 25 years, the place has been a total dive. Basically right up our alley. The bed was big, and clean, and comfy, and they had grass huts and tiki torches. Where could you go wrong? All of Saturday was spent in the land of gluttony. Sunday, we tortured our bodies with high-speed thrills.
Basically, I got a place to let my mind rest for awhile. I’m hoping this does good for my womb. It feels like it did.
The day we left, I had one of those “inspired” moments, where I ran into a friend from work–I didn’t know she had difficulty conceiving, and after talking, found out that we have very similar issues. She gave me information about a new accupuncture for fertility place in slc, and after this cycle, I’m going to try it.
I’m hoping I can find results there, it’s something I have really wanted to try, and think that doing it in combination with traditional medicines may be the answer I have been praying for…



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2 responses to “Life is good.

  1. Amy

    If you are looking for another warm weather get away, I hear Scottsdale, AZ is nice this time of year… are always welcome.

  2. last year we took of to vegas the last week of january and it was EXACTLY what i needed. warmth and relief from utah for a brief moment. this year we’re actually getting smart and planning a trip to disneyland that week for next year.

    i hope the accupuncture works wonders.


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