I’m hoping a break from life will make me a little more sane, a little more willing to get back to living life the way that makes me feel human, rather than a wretched face-eating, infertile dinosaur.
so, we’re off. we’ll spend a couple of days basking in sunny cal-i-forn-i-yay (my plans for tomorrow include: lying in the sun by the pool, thrift-store scouring, and trader joe’s) and maybe getting high on some adrenaline (because I’m insane, I willingly agreed to spend Sunday at six-flags, though the panic attacks have already started). I need to clear out some space mentally/emotionally, and I definitely need to get out of Utah/winter to do so. Wish me luck.



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3 responses to “R&R

  1. justsayingstuff

    jealous, but knowing you need it.
    next time make it a foursome or ladies’ weekend???

  2. I wish you good luck and safe travels. SUN SHINE HERE ERRIN MAMA COMES!

  3. This is for you. Keep the faith.

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