Clomid Diary: Day 8

Maybe it’s the fact that tomorrow’s Friday, or that there is a three-day weekend upon us, but today has been better than the past few. I cried at the koalas again. Damn those koalas! Why they gotta be so cute and suffering?
I don’t know if this is a clomid thing or not, but I am waking up SICK. You know when you don’t eat for a really long time, and then when you go to eat everything makes you want to barf? That’s me. Every morning. Any of you Clomid users have a similar experience? I haven’t been on it for 3 days, but I’ve been feeling like this since about day four. Again: I will suffer all this without complaint and then some, if there’s a baby at the end of it all–but w/o baby, it’s kind of like getting kicked in the heart and ovaries just about every single day…



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3 responses to “Clomid Diary: Day 8

  1. Meg

    I love you, Errin. Clomid sounds like a bitch. But you’re not a bitch. You’re a sweetheart. I want us to have a cry-fest, secret-fest, vag-fest (just “vag” in the way that we acknowledge that we are women), gab-fest, lollapalooza-fest, talkaboutallofourdisorders-fest, etc.

  2. If I had a baby, I’d give it to you.

  3. theincrediblejulk

    thanks bags. i would gladly accept!

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