why babyincredible?

I’ve spent the past few years “blogging” (I really, REALLY hate that term…”Oh, do you blog?” “You have to check out my blog.” “Bloggity-blogblogblog.”  It is an outright disgusting word) at various sites, and have had little success, because the only thing I ever wanted to write about was my struggle with infertility.  I guess I feel like I’ve struggled, because I felt like I was being a downer always talking about it, or that I was alienating a certain part of my audience by only writing about how freaking difficult it is to make a baby. So, I decided that for awhile I was going to give up on writing in those other spaces until I’ve gotten my fill here and can move on to other things.  If I do decide to write about “non-fertility” issues, I’ll write somewhere else, but for now, am thinking that’s the only place my head will be anyway, so I may as well use it for something worthwhile (well, I at least think it’s worthwhile).  I don’t want to sound needy, or pathetic or anything, but let’s be honest. People who write blogs (yuck) are reaching out, trying to connect, if even in a small way,(otherwise we’d just write in journals, right?) so, be a pal and comment every now and again. It’s hard to deal with crap like this, so it’s nice to know if the people that are reading are having similar struggles/joys…



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6 responses to “why babyincredible?

  1. Mrs. Childless

    Infertility is a hard road… no doubt about it. I don’t know where I would be without the support I have received from blogging and from the IF forum I post to. Good for your for reaching out!!

    I just found your blog through Tag Surf… off to read more about your journey…. (((hugs)))

  2. theincrediblejulk

    thanks. seriously. it helps to have people out there that understand how hard it is. i feel like everyone i know is pregnant, or just had a baby. even the people i know that have been struggling are pregnant. it’s so frustrating, and it’s so sad. i don’t know how to escape the emptiness that seems to accompany this process, how to get away from this overwhelming sense of lack…if you have a blog, i’d love to visit!

  3. errin,
    i really am looking foward to reading more about your journey. (in)fertility blows and i wanna be here to help you walk the path to your baby.


  4. I’ve been thinking about you and Vegor lately… probably because of your occasional blogs and status updates. I wish the best for you and occasionally include you in my prayers… take from that whatever you will.

  5. Lots of love to you friend. You are braver than most I will say that.

  6. cellista

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I understand! I’m dealing with infertility as well (secondary, I happen to have 3 children already, which puts me in a unique but still lonely position) and just decided to start an IF blog (inthequietheart.wordpress.com) to get some of these things off my chest. I have a regular blog (and I hate that word too!) full of homeschooling and music and regular life “stuff” but have just started to admit that I need the support of other women struggling with infertility while everyone around me in real life seems to be pregnant at the moment. Anyway, I’m here!

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